Emmy Award winning Irish technology company Havok is the leading provider of interactive software and services to the global game and movie industries.

Founded in 1998 as a campus company in Trinity College Dublin, Havok’s pioneering technology makes visual effects in today’s top selling games and movies more realistic and interactive than ever before.


Ask any marketer where the current wave of action is coming from and you’ll quickly learn that it’s all up close and personal.

So, when UCD researchers developed the award-winning ClixSmart personalisation engine, they quickly realised the commercial potential of their suite of inventions and soon their spin-out company, ChangingWorlds, was on the “must watch” list among the mobile portal providers.

Opsona Therapeutics

Switching on the immune system is the job of “toll-like receptors” (TLR). Since their discovery in the mid-1990s, these rapid defensive response triggers have become a focus of attention for researchers working on therapies for auto-immune and inflammatory diseases.

Since its creation in 2004, Opsona, a TCD spin-out company, has focused on certain TLR targets with a view to discovering new chemical entities and biologics for the treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.


Over 60 million people in Europe and the US are estimated to have sleep disordered breathing such as apnoea. Many of those with sleep disorders are unaware they have the condition and as a result around 85% of sufferers are currently undiagnosed.

The UCD spin-out, medical technology company, BiancaMed, is making commercial break-throughs and attracting serious investors for its range of devices covering monitored breathing situations such as sleep, exercise and baby monitoring in clinical and home locations.