TCD/UCD Innovation Alliance at Globe Forum

Globe Forum is a marketplace event where innovators, entrepreneurs and researchers connect with international business leaders, investors and global companies.

In Dublin on 17 and 18 November, Globe Forum focuses on debate and action around the challenge of making Dublin, and indeed any city, Smarter and Greener – Innovation for a sustainable future.

By gathering innovation and research in one place which promotes smarter and greener futures, Globe Forum aims to.

  • Match investment and funding to innovators and SMEs.
  • Provide international best practice examples of how smart and green cities and economies can be built.
  • Provide evidence of how the research investment has delivered a rich harvest of innovation.
  • Provide an action list of policy and practice innovation for business, education, local government and national government on how they might advance the smart and green agenda after Globe Forum 2010.
  • Promote Ireland and Dublin internationally as key global centres for innovation and creativity through the Globe Forum international community.

During the Parallel Session – The Innovation Alliance (A partnership between Trinity College Dublin & University College Dublin, Ireland's leading universities) – will invite delegates to take part in Imagining the Future: an interactive session addressing the big questions facing our cities - including:

  • Will the cities of the future be ready for an increased number of older people?
  • Will we be able to power the cities of the future?
  • Will universities be drivers of innovation in the cities of the future?
  • Will social networks replace physical contact in the cities of the future?

On the panel:

Professor Frank Convery
Professor Frank Convery, is Director of the Earth Sciences Institute and of Urban Institute Ireland, University College Dublin (UCD). His passion is understanding how markets, smart policy and smart technology can help us find a better way to live on this planet.

Professor Lizbeth Goodman
Lizbeth Goodman is the newly appointed Professor of Education and Chair of Creative Technology Innovation at University College Dublin, where she will direct the new Irish studios for the SMARTlab’s main European base, and will also lead the Creative DNA strand of the new Innovation Academy and Alliance between UCD and TCD.

Professor Rose Anne Kenny
Rose Anne Kenny is Professor of Geriatric Medicine at Trinity College Dublin and is the lead principal investigator for TILDA (The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing)

Professor Luke O’Neill
Luke O'Neill is Professor of Biochemistry at Trinity College Dublin and in 2009 was the winner of the RDS Irish Times Boyle Medal for Scientific Excellence for his pioneering work on the molecular understanding of innate immunity and inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Dr Kevin McDonnell
Dr Kevin McDonnell is Director of Innovation in UCD School of Agriculture, Food Science and Veterinary medicine, a Science Foundation Ireland Principal Investigator on Sustainable Energy and a lecturer in Biosystems Engineering. He is also CEO and founder of a UCD campus company, and founder of second start up company and director with Cynar Plc – worlds first commercial plastic to diesel conversion plant.

Dr Jenny McElwain
Jenny McElwain is Marie Curie Team Leader and Lecturer in the School of Biology & Environmental Science. Her research is focused on using fossilised plants to reconstruct how greenhouse gases have fluctuated over the past 250 million years.

Professor Ian Robertson
Ian Robertson is Professor of Psychology at Trinity College Dublin and was the founding Director of the Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience.  His multiply-translated popular science books include 'Mind Sculpture' and 'The Mind's Eye'.

Lynn Scarff
Lynn Scarff is the Education and Outreach Manager at the Science Gallery (, an exciting new venue at Trinity College Dublinwhere ideas meet and opinions collide. Its current exhibition is Green Machines, exploring the potential of green technology and sustainable design to revolutionise our world.

Professor Paul Walsh
Patrick Paul Walsh is Professor of International Development Studies in the UCD School of Politics and International Relations. He is on the Standing Committee for Social Science in the European Science Foundation and coordinates UCDs HEA-Irish Aid Programme of Strategic Cooperation 2007-2011. 
In the chair:

Fionn Davenport
Fionn Davenport is the presenter of 'Culture Shock' on Newstalk 106-108 FM and is a respected broadcaster and author. He is also the co-host of the popular Tuesday Travel slot on George Hook's The Right Hook drivetime programme and has authored dozens of books for Lonely Planet, including the last six editions of both Dublin and Ireland guides. 



TCD/UCD Globe Forum Challenge Video

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Posted 16 November 2010

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