Alliance partners welcome PRTLI 5 announcement

 “The outcome of PRTLI 5 is a major step which will empower all institutions in the state to help create a sustainable future for Ireland,” said Dr John Hegarty, Provost, Trinity College & Dr Hugh Brady, President, UCD, welcoming the announcement of PRTLI 5 funding.

“The establishment of the Innovation Alliance has been vindicated by the PRTLI 5 outcome. The Innovation Alliance is a strong joint effort on the part of UCD and TCD aimed at the education of innovative and flexible graduates and creative thinkers who will put advanced knowledge to work for Ireland.

We are particularly pleased that the PRTLI awards include the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences alongside Science, Engineering and Medicine.  Such a balanced diversity is essential to a flourishing economy and society.

We welcome the award of €1.72 m towards the funding of the Innovation Academy in PRTLI Cycle 5.  This represents not just an investment in education today but a positive commitment to a better and more prosperous future.  As we face the challenges of the 21st century – not just in Ireland but in a global context – it is clear that we need a new kind of  creative graduate, expert in their discipline, but with a thorough understanding of how innovation can rapidly convert knowledge, ideas, and inventions into products, services, and policies for the benefit of society.  Today’s award is an endorsement of the ongoing work of the Alliance as it seeks to transform the doctoral experience by establishing innovation alongside research and education as an integral element of the Ph.D.  and of the university as a whole.  

The Innovation Academy is the educational centrepiece of the Innovation Alliance, which was launched in March 2009 as a radical new partnership between Ireland’s two largest and most successful universities.  From the beginning our ambition has been to work alongside the government and industry to help drive the smart economy.    The Academy will provide innovation and entrepreneurship training, as well as industry mentored interdisciplinary projects, leading towards a joint TCD-UCD Graduate Diploma or Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. 

We would also like to pay tribute to so many colleagues who have done exceptional work in these difficult times to help deliver on our ambitious strategy to create an environment where innovation and entrepreneurship can thrive.”


Posted 16 July 2010

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